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I hope that I haven't forgotten anyone. If so, please excuse me and drop me an e-mail.

Why am I doing this?

I'm doing this whole stuff completely in my spare time without charging money for it and without demanding anything from anyone for doing so. It's just because that's how it's meant to be in the Linux community:

Take something, give something.

One could say that the projects on this site are not really Open Source projects, but due to the feedback I get from people all over the world and due to the tremendous number of downloads from this site I'm sure to do the right thing.

Like my projects? Saved time, money, $whatever with the help you got here?

Then please consider donating.
Currently, I can afford hosting the websites and working lots of unpaid hours for these projects, but that might change in the future.
Testing stuff on hardware sometimes also requires me to buy it (or at least rent it for testing purposes if it isn't possible to get demo hardware for limited time) and as with most things in this world: it's all about the money.

If everyone who downloaded the Matrox drivers from this site f.ex. would have donated only 1€, I could afford running a second server for load balancing reasons, support partner projects better than I am now able to or I even could have bought a good used BMW ;)

Usually, people think that donating small amounts of money (e.g. 1€) isn't worth donating at all, but that's completely wrong. As I said above, if everyone would have donated just this one euro...
Feel free to choose if my work on this projects is worth a little donation and if you think it isn't, I'm perfectly satisfied too.